We showcase the elegance of lace outlining body contours, the delicacy of silk combined with the nobility of pure wool. Our secret is the harmony between fine natural materials which respect the delicacy of the female body, Italian craftsmanship and a continuous search for elegance.

Craftsmanship and Innovation

We use versatile machinery for the creation of different materials, from state-of-the-art to those with a history that goes back a long way but still functioning just like “in the old days”. The handwork confers the final touch of uniqueness to each garment.

Prototypes and Models

Each collection begins with a careful analysis of new fashion trends. Every member of the Madiva team works driven by experience and passion, from the choice of materials to the care for the finishing touches, every step is carried out with craft expertise and industrial efficiency.

Attention to details

The peculiarity of some designs, whether sophisticated flounces or laces, requires special manual dexterity that is mastered perfectly and professionally.


Guaranteed constancy and quality. This is when the first studies and possible adjustments on the prototypes prepared by the style office are made, ultimately resulting in the final models that will be manufactured.


We ensure that each garment is manufactured using high-precision machinery, embodying the latest technological advancements, for precision quality control.

One-of-a-kind garments

Versatile and original garments, made entirely in Italy. Professionalism, expertise and service that only a company that has been in the business for so many years can offer. A perfect combination of tradition and innovation, which translates concretely into excellent value for money.